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Evangel was birthed from a revival conducted by Evangelist Oral Roberts. The gifts of the Spirit have been in operation ever since. Recently, we have seen people healed and delivered by the Power of God. We expect only an increase in such manifestations. 
Here at Evangel, we all live in the same faith even though we may wear different clothes, work different jobs, reside in different houses and drive different cars. We plant the seeds of faith through our children’s and youth’s ministries. We encourage each other as to allow our faith to grow and reach out to the community, sharing the good news. Like a family we celebrate together, comfort and provide for one another. 
Evangel is a place where Jesus is Lord of all. We believe, preach, and live the Full Gospel. We welcome you. 

History of Evangel:

FUQUAY-SPRINGS, N.C.-- In the summer of 1945, Rev. Oral Roberts and Rev. George Stephenson began a tent revival in Fuquay Springs, North Carolina. Practically every afternoon the skies were darkened by nimbus clouds that poured torrents of rain until almost midnight. After three weeks of such trying efforts, they pulled up the stakes, rolled up the tent, folded the song books and quit.

Despite these facts, Mr. Stephenson was not discouraged, an in August of 1947, he decided to invade Fuquay again for Pentecostal Holiness, but this time in a different manner. He secured a plot of ground in an excellent location, drew a blueprint for a $17,000 church building, and started to work.

The people of Fuquay-Varina wondered what it was all about, but on March 14, 1948, they had no difficulty in learning the meaning. Rev. G.C. Stephenson and Rev. James F. Eppes, assisted by Driskel-Kay Trio, launched another campaign for Christ in the completed building, including a new Spinet piano. On the opening date there were visitors from fourteen other churches in the district, and the Conference Superintendent, Rev. Eddie Morris, gave a short address. For seven weeks the revival continued under the able leadership of these two ministers. The results were not as great as hoped for; for it was not a landslide revival, but it was a good revival.

One of the most outstanding facts of interest is this: Mr. Stephenson, the originator of the plans, had been a Christian for seven years; it took seven months to build the church; at its completion there was indebtedness of $7,000; the revival was in progress for seven weeks; seven were saved; the church was organized May 7, 1948, with seven charter members-- "seven sevens," which means completion.


Article Appeared in the Pentecostal Holiness Advocate on February 17, 1949.

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